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George-Havana 2002

Sometimes in life things just happen. Without any plan and intention, they just occur. This web site is one of those things.

In May 2002, I spent 11 days in Cuba, mostly in Havana and Varadero. Thanks to the fact that my wife comes from this amazing island, I had an opportunity to get "insider's look" at this truly unique place. I went to Cuba without any plan of making a photo collection. Being in love with photography for years, I just wanted to take a few pictures, more like souvenirs. But, it wasn't meant to be that way.

Simply, impressions and emotions I felt after I returned from Cuba were overwhelming. I learned long time ago that the best way to get some relief in a situation like this is to share your experience with others.
So, there it is. More than 100 photographs, each capturing a little bit of "cubanismo".

As you may notice, technical quality of photos widely varies. That's because only a portion of the total number of photos presented here were taken with CANON AE-1, a classic SLR camera, using VIVITAR and CANON FD lenses. Photos were digitized using Plustek OpticPro 9636T scanner, providing professional quality images. Other, lower resolution photos, are actually snapshots taken from a JVC MiniDV digital camcorder.
At first, I decided to include only photos taken with the regular SLR camera. But then, some of the images from the video tapes were so compelling, that I just couldn't say no.

Some photos are documentaristic in their nature, others have more artistic feel. But regardless of their character, all these photos describe the same fascinating subject: Cuba itself. One and Lonely.

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