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What is cubanismo ?

One question, hundreds of answers.

Is it what you feel while walking down the stone-paved, narrow streets of the Old Havana on a hot, hazy day? Or is it that pulsating energy and vibe that captures you while listening to guaracha, son, or salsa?
White Sand of VaraderoSurreal picture of vintage American cars from early fifties moving on dusty roads, proudly driven by their owners?

Seeing people calmly walking by the highway in the middle of a sudden tropical rain, without umbrellas, but with quiet determination on their faces to get to their destination?

Yellowish photos of friends and relatives living now in Florida? School kids running around, wearing the whitest cotton shirts you have ever seen?

Taste of Cuban rum and cigars, melting your senses and your feelings at the same time? Poverty and pride, hot and cool, sadness and joy of life, all mixed and scattered around?

Si. That's cubanismo for me.

And much, much more...


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